Is Minimalist Jewellery in trend 2022?

Minimalist Jewellery

Do you avoid wearing fashion jewellery in summers due to sweat or skin reactions? If your answer is yes then, you are on a right page. Summer is the time you can experiment with your looks and try something which is light-weighted, bold, and beautiful. Minimalist jewellery is the new trend ruling the fashion industry incredibly. It brings beams of new sunshine to your looks. Here in this blog, you can discover few astonishing designs from Kalin Couture to adorn yourself with stylish minimalistic jewelry.

What makes minimalist jewellery perfect for you?

 You might be thinking, why should you ditch the traditional jewelry and switch to the minimalistic section? Well, ladies, you will find various advantages in doing that. Check them out one by one!

  • Minimalistic jewelry is the trending fashion currently. And you might not want to go behind the trend. The very first reason to wear minimalistic jewelry is this.
  • The second reason for wearing minimalistic jewelry is its health benefits. What kind of benefits? Dig in to know more.
  • Wearing heavy jewelry runs the risk of getting harmful skin infections and rashes. The nickel and cadmium present in the jewelry are the main culprit behind these infections and allergies. It happens primarily in the summer when the material you are wearing reacts with the sweat accumulated on the skin. This is incredibly unpleasant and to avoid this, minimalistic jewelry is the perfect solution.
  • If you tend to wear heavy earrings, darling, you are secretly damaging your earlobe. Firstly, you can catch an ear infection. Secondly, your earlobe can get elongated over time, making it look awful. For the worst, your earlobe may get ruptured if your heavy earrings get pulled accidentally.

So, here we have picked up few beautiful minimalist jewellery designs from our Maya collection that you can style effortlessly.

  • The hook earrings are always such a stunner! They are minimalistic yet so bold. Are you willing to give these earrings a try? Have a look at the Blue Druzy Earrings from Kalin Couture. This pair of hook earring comes up in fascinating golden and turquoise blue colors. Also, this handmade jewelry doesn’t weigh much and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Once you put these earrings on, nobody can stop you from looking enchanting.
Blue Druzy Earrings
Blue Druzy Earring
  • How about a sophisticated yet bold pendant? If you crave to create a statement look with minimalistic jewelry, the Larimar Rawa Pendant will be the ideal match for you. This pendant is undoubtedly gorgeous and comes with a matt gold plating and a mesmerizing turquoise and white gemstone with a golden designer lining.
Larimar Rawa Pendant
  • Bracelets always add up sprinkles of grace when worn. Check out the Druzy Handcuff Bracelet (Blue). This flattering bracelet from Kalin Couture is gold-plated jewelry topped with an attractive bluestone to capture everyone’s attention. Get this mesmerizing piece of jewelry to look irresistibly attractive.
Blue Druzy Bracelet
  • A minimalistic jewelry collection can never be complete without flattering pearl jewelry.  Wish to include a piece of mesmerizing pearl jewelry in your collection? Pick up the Fresh Water Pearl Charm Bracelet from Kalin Couture. This beautiful jewelry is 100% cruelty-free and consists of an 18k gold dipped chain. The greyish green colored stone adds up the extra charm to this enchanting charm bracelet.
Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet
Fresh Water Pearl Charm Bracelet

All of this jewelry from Kalin Couture are of simple designs. But at the same time, they are full of grace and beauty. The minimalistic jewelry from Kalin Couture are totally free from nickel and cadmium. So, cut the wait and pamper yourself with these mesmerizing minimalist jewellery from Kalin Couture.


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